Computers and Technology Today

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Looking at the role that the computers and technology play in the world today, and how to they help the world keep “spinning”, it is safe to say that computers and technology are the best things that ever happened to the human race. Almost every home has something computer or technology related.

A couple hundred years ago, computers and technology did not exist. When the computer concept was manufactured, it was aimed at solving problems and helping the government of the United States to get jobs done faster. The first most significant step in computer and technology evolution took place in 1936 when Konrad Zuse created the Z1 computer. This was the first programmable computer since prior devices did not have this capability. Eight years later, the second computer was developed dubbed Harvard Mark 1 computer. From then, inventors worldwide dedicated time and resources into computer studies. This bore fruits since it enabled the introduction of transistor technology, a technology that signified the end of the era of the ENIAC 1 computer. The ENIAC 1 required 20000 vacuum tubes for its operation. It was quite gigantic and slow. Transistor technology sparked the revolution to build smaller, faster and more efficient computers. Programming languages were also born with COBOL being the first. It was developed by Grace Hopper. FORTRAN and the rest followed.

Later on, Douglas Engelbart created a modern computer prototype that also included a Graphical User Interphase and a mouse. It was at this time that people envisioned making computers accessible to the general public rather than being limited to the scientist and the government. This is also the time when UNIX came into existence. It was a system that was far much more efficient than its predecessors. By 1974, personal computers were in existence and had already hit the market. Further revolutions occurred in the 1975-1976 period when Microsoft and Apple-giants companies in computer and technology- were formed. Apple produced Apple 1 computer that has a single-circuit board.

Since then, computer and technology advancements have not stopped. More research and resources have been channeled towards making further advancements. We can see the results clearly in our current lives. More personalized computers, commonly known as laptops are in existence. They are portable and come with a battery, hence they can be used without having a direct connection to an electric grid provided the battery is charged.

More positive effects of Computer and Technology that have made life easier can be seen through the phones and gadgets that we use. Our phones are small computers that they have been pre-coded. Technology has extended its lengths into the industries where currently we talk about robots and computerized machines. The machines are coded and they do all the work. Also looking at the vehicle manufacturing industry, we see computers being integrated into vehicle systems to improve their functioning. Lately we have also seen computers integrated in clothes, which is quite interesting.

The world might have functioned well before the computer and technology era, however it is plain to see that our current world cannot function without computers. This signifies the great and important role that these advancements in technology play in our lives. Innovation has no limits. I am sure there is still much more in the basket when it comes to advancement in computer and technology.